We believe quality design is a good investment. Along with increasing the value of your property, a carefully planned interior brings you both aesthetic and functional benefits that will enhance your lifestyle.

  • Personal Home Shopping
  • Room By Room Styling
  • Interior Renovations
  • New Construction
  • Publication Styling
  • Turnkey Installations
  • Special Events & Planning

  • with Architects & Project Consultants
  • with Builders & Contractors
  • with Developers & Marketing
  • with Landscape Architects
  • with Art Curators
  • with Artisans and Specialists
  • with Online Magazines & Publications

Due to the large volume of email inquiries we receive daily, we require a phone call appointment as a first step in getting to know one another.



Please email along with your contact information.
  • First, Last Name
  • Phone Number (Available Times for a phone call appointment)
  • Property Address
  • Photos
  • Property Information
  • Drawings (Dimensioned Floorplans)
  • Detailed description of work to be provided
  • Timeline for Completion
  • Budget


To set up a phone call appointment please email along with your contact information.

The first step in learning how to best work together is an initial phone consultation. This introductory consultation will allow us to get to know each other and assess our fit. It will also serve as an excellent opportunity to discuss the nature of your project and answer any preliminary questions you may have about our services we offer.

We accept phone call appointments during our studio days:
  • Mondays | 8am - 6pm PST
  • Wednesdays | 8am - 6pm PST
  • Fridays | 8am - 6pm PST
Send us your contact information (full name, email and phone number). We will schedule a call to review your project, suggest tips, tricks, and point out things to avoid with considering the site conditions of your project. Appointments last up to 30 minutes. If over, hourly rates apply.


We schedule bookings during our meeting days:
  • Tuesdays | 8am - 6pm PST
  • Thursdays | 8am - 6pm PST
Meeting with you in person is an opportunity to translate what you would like to achieve into specific projects that fit within your budget as well prepare the foundation for transforming your ideas into a finished interior. In some cases, our interior design consultation may be all you need to get yourself started if you are planning to execute the work yourself.
We offer a 2 hr on-site design consultation, which covers the following:
  • Review existing interior plan
  • Discuss your expectations, scheduling, budget goals
  • Provide immediate suggestions/ideas for meeting your goals
  • Provide sources to help establish an aesthetic that is reflective of your lifestyle/brand
  • Provide direction on paint, fabric, furniture, accessories, window treatments, and lighting
  • Provide suggestions for alternate re-use or re-sale sources for existing furniture
  • Provide suggestions for renovation / custom work that add value
  • Provide a follow-up meeting minutes summarizing items discussed in the meeting
If the projects are more than you can handle on your own a working relationship is agreed upon between the client and interior designer. To retain GAILE GUEVARA for further services, we will also complete the following at this time:
  • Accurate check measurement of all information provided
  • Review, photograph record existing items to be re-used for accurate furniture plan layout
  • Determine a scope of services based on a consultation basis or a full design service package; a fee proposal will later be supplied based on this information


We take into consideration your budget goals and coordinate a design plan that will help provide you with the best value return on your investment. For all clients regardless of size or scale of a project, we always recommend coming up with a wish list, assign by priority and assign a budget allowance for each category in a range you feel comfortable with including a contingency for upgrade items you might want to consider during the process.
Allow a starting budget range of 10% of your total budget to begin with an essential design service package up to 25% of your total budget for a premium design service package.

Prior to our meeting, please take the time to list the items you require (furniture, storage requirements, etc), as well as your priorities and timeline; this allows us to provide you with a more accurate assessment of suggestions for when we have our initial consultation meeting. Please provide the following prior to your appointment if you have the information available:
  • Floor plan of your project/room (s) with accurate measurements
  • Measurements of existing furniture you would like to re-use
  • Photos of your room
  • Relative Inspiration Photos
  • Budget Goal
  • Desired Timeline & Existing Schedule


Fees for the above package, including travel time, are listed below.
  • A | $ 650.00 + GST 5% Gaile Guevara | Vancouver East, Vancouver West
  • B | $ 900.00 + GST 5% Gaile Guevara | Metro Vancouver
  • C | $1200.00 + GST 5% Gaile Guevara | Squamish + Whistler
  • D | $5,000.00 | Gaile Guevara | Canada & USA



The Full-Service Design package is an all-inclusive design package that includes all services from initial concept to complete implementation. Full-Service Design packages are available on an hourly fee basis or as a customized fixed-fee package based on an in-depth understanding of your project’s specific requirements and scope of work. We recommend you allow 10-15% of your total project budget for design services.



Specific to each project, our design team works within a determined project scope and budget goal. Should you want to hire us on an hourly basis we are happy to help you. We require a minimum commitment of 5 hours or $1,000.00 + GST.

Example of our hourly rates are listed below:
  • $250.00 - Hourly Rate | Design Associate
  • $175.00 - Hourly Rate | Senior Designer
  • $150.00 - Hourly Rate | Operations Manager
  • $125.00 - Hourly Rate | Lighting Designer
  • $125.00 - Hourly Rate | Intermediate Designer
  • $ 75.00 - Hourly Rate | Junior Designer
  • $ 75.00 - Hourly Rate | CAD Technician
  • $ 75.00 - Hourly Rate | Purchase Coordinator
  • $ 50.00 - Hourly Rate | Junior Intern
  • $ 50.00 - Hourly Rate | Administration

Remote Consultation Packages for homes starting at $2,500.00CAD. This is dependant on the scale of the project and the scope of work.

Through the help of great online services we work through the design process virtually using the following systems:Turn Key services for homes outside of the Vancouver & Lower Mainland. Allow 10-15% of your total project budget for design service packages. Allow for a travel package of 1 full working day per room (8 hours within your city location) + travel time, accommodation, and expenses.



With the recent volume of inquiries on understanding how our design packages value in relation to the overall scale of projects. Below is a basic range to help those deciding on a full interior design scope of services that best suits a project.

Residential | New Construction & Renovations
  • $15.00 - 20.00 / sq.ft | Custom Package A | Custom Millwork & Premium Upgrades
  • $10.00 - 15.00 / sq.ft | Upgrade Package B | Speciality Product & Custom Upgrades
  • $ 8.00 - $10.00 / sq.ft | Essential Package C | Product Sourcing & Essential Upgrades

For those who need assistance to furnish & style an interior or outdoor space, this type of service ranges depending on a project budget. Average range per room is $2,500.00 or min. 10-25 hours if installation and set-up required.

What is the difference between providing you shopping direction versus custom signature design solutions? The difference is that when you go into a retail environment each of those products you fall in love with went through a rigorous process of design development before coming to market as a product. Those products are made and ordered quantities to meet a selling price that is accessible.

If you should require custom signature pieces specific to your project, consider the time commitment to develop, test and prototype the perfect solution. Allow 30-40% for items that are custom.

We believe in full transparency, our costs are a reflection of our supplier and trade relationships. We combine the features of a Cost Plus and Fixed Price Estimate where you have complete transparency of costs and a full breakdown of time estimate for tasks related to complete the project. Discounts range from 10% - 50% depending on supplier, we apply 15% purchase admin fee on all products purchased through our accounts. You have the ability to sign off on every single supplier, trade, and product for your project.

For clients who are committed to understanding the value of good design, our team is here to help you make the right decisions, not temporary disposable purchases. If you are planning to flip a property or make a quick buck on your investment, I encourage you to reconsider and perhaps look for a different company to work with.

We have now moved away from providing temporary styling solutions, as this is not in line with our core values of providing a sustainable design. I"m not in the business of waste and believe you deserve to know what it's like to live with only what you love.

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT | Please email our studio at