IDSwest | Open Studio
| PROJECT BRIEF | Open Studio invites a selected group of designers to participate in a curated installation that entertains the theme of Workspace. Open Studio will occupy 1600 sq ft of prime exhibition space and will feature ten hand-picked designers or design firms who will all present their concept based on this singular theme. With a 10′ x 10’ raw space as a blank canvas, we are welcoming invited participants to showcase their notion of an inspiring workspace with the opportunity to create either a functional or conceptual installation within 100 square feet. | PUBLISHED | Azure Magazine | What We Saw & Loved | Frontier Flooring | BIO Gaile Guevara is an interior designer & creative based in Vancouver, BC. She has an extensive background in residential interior design and vision focused projects in commercial, office and retail concepts. With over 15 years of experience, she brings her passion for design and a love of connecting clients with creative talent into each project. CONCEPT My workplace is more than a desk and my computer. My body of work is a culmination of the people I work with: the makers, artisans, architects, builders, suppliers and vendors I collaborate with define and shape my work. My perspective is constantly shifting in reaction to my community and fellow designers. The work I do lives in parallel to a very dark time in our world. We have poverty, war, environmental crisis, and burn out from the fast pace environment we force ourselves to live in. I am tired of design being disposable. I want to believe that everyone cares enough to shift their perspective and learn a new way of seeing design. And so I invite you to connect with the community of creative who are my workplace.