IDSwest - H&L Laneway Home Feature
PROJECT STORY I was honoured to be asked to design the 2013 IDS West Feature exhibit sponsored by Homes & Living Magazine. Modest beginnings to design a feature around the topic of Laneway Homes. In an effort to expand the audience of IDSwest beyond consumers and to engage a sophisticated audience of Vancouverites as well industry to support such topics around urban density. What started off as a 500 sq.ft feature soon expanded to nearly 6,500 sq. ft of exhibit space. How do we change the perceived value of how we live and adapt to the changing needs of our communities. While condo living has been a trend over the years, we have challenges ahead of how our urban landscape is changing, Cross-generational living, co-housing, AirBNB, rental models to finding methods of building meant to last longer than the typical 50 year span. A complex challenge of filtering through the housing problems to then facing health and education challenges that affect all age groups. Creating a story deeper than just trying to sell the idea of laneway homes being an investment I brought forward what will it take for us to care about how we live beyond what we see at face value. Personal experience during the time of the show opened up the opportunity to bring awareness to a cause close to my heart. The challenges of many families becoming caregivers to those suffering from mental health issues, what alternative housing and health strategies can we begin to explore. The meaning of home has never been so important as it is now. Humans need food, clothing and shelter. Somehow we've embraced food and clothing to be around sustainable means yet how we live has become a disposible exercise. An amazing experience to gather a community of creatives, industry and suppliers to over 50 student volunteers and over 100 suppliers and trades. When odds were against us, in what little time frame we had available, bringing purpose to our work, enabled the builder and I to raise over $500,000 in sponsorship within 4 weeks. An ambitious project yet one that leaves a legacy. We built a home that was permanent not temporary, we brought awareness to housing issues being overlooked and created a new platform for the Alzheimer's Society of BC to understand how we live impacts our tomorrow. It is with much gratitude that I have had the opportunity to create a vision and bring to fruition with a group of amazing creatives. PROJECT PROFILE IDS West 2013 | H&L Laneway Home Feature AWARDS 2013.09.23 | Azure Magazine | No.1 Top Picks for IDS West 2013 - Laneway Exhibit 2013.02.06 | IDSwest | Laneway Home Feature - our success story (giving to a cause close to my heart, is an award in itself that is beyond what I could ever feel fortunate enough to be a part of, BIG LOVE and THANKS to our amazing team, volunteers and sponsors for making a difference in our future communities) PROJECT VALUE | ITEMS INCLUDED IN SALE $553,965.70 CAD AUCTION SALE PRICE $230,000.00 was raised by this project, with all net proceeds going to The Alzheimer Society of B.C. PHOTO CREDITS Roger Brooks Photography | Sébastien Panouille | FOUNDERS Homes & Living Magazine | Media Sponsor Informa Canada - IDS West | Event Sponsor FOUNDERS Alair Homes | Contractor, Builder and Project Management Gaile Guevara | Exhibit Curator & ASoBC, BC Alzheimer's Society Advocacy Spokesperson PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Alair Homes | Contractor, Builder and Project Management Modern604 | Interior Design, Exhibit Curator Italinteriors | Interior Systems and Project Management Alzheimer Society of British Columbia | Charity & Education DESIGN TEAM Gaile Guevara | Creative & Interior Design Director - GAILE GUEVARA | MODERN604 Vanessa Leung | Lighting Designer + Lead Interiors Designer - Designüüd Studio | MODERN604 Paul Conder | Creative Director & Laneway Consulting Inc. Advisory COORDINATION TEAM Bronwyn Gourley-Woo | Production Manager & Volunteer Team Lead | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer Meghan Pitt | Sponsorship & Charity Liaison | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer Julie Miller | Project & Volunteer Coordinator - Creative Shift Studio | MODERN604 VOLUNTEERS Mimi Doan | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer Sarah Duncan | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer Robyn Ripoli | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer Andreea Presan | BCIT - MODERN604 intern junior designer CONTRIBUTORS OVER $100,000.00 Italinteriors | Minimal SRL | Kitchen and Integrated Storage Systems + Lualdi | Internal Doors and Partitions Millson Technologies | Electrical | integrated electronic systems / motorized blinds CONTRIBUTORS OVER $20,000.00 Cyan Horticulture | landscaping & garden design Slung Doors | Slung Suspended Systems - Custom Crafters of Large Sliding Doors Vitrum Industries | Specialty Oversized Glazing System for Exterior Sliding Systems CONTRIBUTORS OVER $10,000.00 Bocci Lighting provided by Inform Interiors Contract | Custom Lighting Installation Dicks Lumber | Lumber & Supplies Euroline Appliances | Appliances | Combo washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge, steam oven Euroline Appliances | Solid Surface | architectural quartz veneer cladding MindFrame Construction Ltd. | Framing Robinson Lighting & Bath | Electrical | Interior Fixtures | Downlights & Vanity Mirror Cabinets Trespa | Ceiling & Soffit | Interior/Exterior | Cladding System CONTRIBUTORS OVER $5,000.00 Robinson Lighting & Bath | Electrical & Interior Fixtures | Downlights & Vanity Mirror Cabinets Julian Tile | Tile | Interior/Exterior | Flooring Material AMS Armstrong Mechanical Services | Plumbing Labor Blu Bathworks | Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories | Bathroom Pebo Stone | Solid Surface | Installation Vancouver Prostyle Contractors Ltd. | Tile | Interior/Exterior | Labour Vario Glass | Glass | smart glass privacy screen LOAN PRODUCT $100,207.72 Livingspace | Interior / Exterior Furniture, Area Rugs | Value of Package $81,584.00 Livingspace | Interior / Exterior Accessories | Value of Package $3,097.14 Provide Home | Accessories | Value of Package $7,656.26 Vancouver Special | Accessories | Value of Package $5,370.32 Zoe Pawlak Originals | Artwork | Value of Package $2,500.00