Bayshore 604
| PHOTO CREDIT | Reference Images for developing interior concept | BUILD & DESIGN TEAM | Interior Design | Gaile Guevara Design Studio Ltd. Creative Director | Gaile Guevara Project Type | Interior Design, Interior Renovation, Furniture and Styling Size | 1418 sq.ft Feature | Situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour is Bayshore604. A soft neutral palette allows for an open and airy feel, brightening up the space and celebrating the tones of the natural environment in which the space is situated in and it’s backdrop, wrap around views of the harbor and North Shore mountains. Opening up the space with the removal of the second bedroom and adding large sliding doors allows for an abundance of natural light to fill the space, flow and seamless transition. A custom floor to ceiling, wrapped fireplace anchors the soft palette of the space with it’s deep, dark tones, weighted material and texture of hot rolled steel. Project Year | 2018 Project Cost | - Country | Canada Postal Code | V6G 3H3